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Tapestry of Loss: A Family's Path to Healing and Hope

by Kathy George and Peter George

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Digital Grief Journal: A thoughtfully designed PDF journal
with prompts and exercises to help you process your feelings, record memories
of your loved one, and track your healing progress.

Complimentary 40-Minute Grief Coaching Session: A one-on-one
session with me, where we'll explore your personal grief journey, discuss
strategies for coping, and identify steps for moving forward with hope.

"Tapestry of Loss" is a heartfelt memoir, guide and companion for those needing healing. It details Kathy and her family's emotional journey after the unexpected loss of their son, Trevor. This moving narrative offers solace and companionship to those experiencing loss, highlighting the transformative power of love, courage, and community. It also offers small actionable tasks to assist those in grief or those supporting someone in grief.

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"In life, our paths are often altered by profound
losses, yet we have the capacity to weave new beginnings from our sorrows. In
your personal growth, relationships, and pursuit of peace, you don’t simply
move beyond your grief; you grow through it. When you cultivate hope, embrace
support, and find strength in your story, you change your life. Tapestry of
Loss is written for YOU, as you navigate the complex journey of grief and seek
a horizon of hope." – Kathy George

Transforming Grief into Growth: Empowering Your Journey with Compassion, Expertise, and Hope.

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In Tapestry of Loss, you'll learn how to...

  • Navigate Grief with Compassion and Understanding

  • Find Strength in Vulnerability and Shared Stories

  • Embrace Healing as a Journey of Transformation

  • Discover Resilience and Hope in the Midst of Loss

  • Cultivate a Community of Support and Compassion

  • Transform Your Grief into a Catalyst for Personal Growth

  • Reclaim Joy and Purpose in Your Life

  • And Much More!

About Peter and Kathy

Kathy and Peter George, authors of Tapestry of Loss, have
lived through the devastating loss of their son, turning their profound sorrow
into a mission to support others through grief. With Kathy's background in
Clinical Mental Health Counseling and certifications as a Grief Educator and
Grief Professional, combined with their shared experiences, they offer a unique
perspective on healing and hope. Residing in Tennessee, they find strength in
nature, music, and their commitment to helping others navigate the journey of


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