A profound journey through grief to healing and hope.

About the book

In our deeply personal account, "Tapestry of Loss: A Family's Path to Healing and Hope," we, Kathy and Peter George, share our journey through the unimaginable grief of losing our son, Trevor, and how we found a path to healing.

Drawing from Kathy’s expertise as a grief coach with a Master's in Mental Health Counseling, and our collective experiences, this book offers:

1.Understanding the Depths of Grief: The initial shock and the complex emotions that follow.

2.Embracing the Healing Journey: Strategies for navigating the pain and finding your way through. 

3.Finding Strength in Vulnerability: The importance of compassion towards oneself and others.

4.The Power of Nature and Community: How the world around us can offer comfort and a sense of belonging.  

5.Rebuilding Hope and Finding Joy: Ways to slowly reconstruct a life filled with meaning and happiness.

For anyone grappling with loss, or supporting someone who is, our story serves as a beacon of hope, illustrating that even in the deepest sorrow, it is possible to find healing and a renewed sense of purpose.


"A heart-touchingly raw and insightful guide that lights the way for those lost in the despair of grief."

“This book is a necessary com2 Columnpanion for anyone navigating the tumultuous journey of loss and healing. Kathy and Peter's story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.”

“Kathy and Peter George have crafted a guide that is both deeply personal and universally relevant, offering hope and actionable paths to healing.”

About the Authors

Kathy and Peter George share their journey of loss, healing, and hope with the world, combining personal experience with professional expertise to support others through grief.

Kathy, with a Master's in Mental Health Counseling and certifications as a Grief Educator and Grief Professional, and Peter, sharing the journey firsthand, bring a unique blend of academic knowledge and personal experience to the field of grief support.

Explore the Chapters

Each chapter dives deeply into different aspects of grief, offering insights, personal experiences, and strategies for healing. From the initial shock and adjustment to grief's impact on the nervous system, relationships, and personal identity, the book covers a comprehensive journey through loss and healing.

It also addresses the physical and emotional transformations grief induces, offering guidance for navigating societal expectations, preserving memories, and finding a new sense of normalcy.

The book concludes with a focus on the transformative energies of grief and moving forward with hope, providing a holistic view of the grieving process and recovery.

1.Supporting Others in Grief: A guide to understanding and compassion.

2.The Day We All Changed Forever: The immediate aftermath and the seismic shift in our lives.

3.A Stranger in My Own Life: The disorienting journey of grief and the reconstruction of identity.

4.Navigating the Haze: The autopilot survival of the early months of grief.

5.Healing the Nervous System: Strategies for self-care and holistic healing.

6.United in Grief: The resilience of marriage and family in the face of loss.

7.Grief Brain, Memory & Cognitions: The cognitive impacts of grief and the reshaping of thoughts and memories.

8.Evolution of Parenting in the Shadow of Loss: Parenting through profound loss.

9.Navigating Social Currents: Strategies for handling social dynamics post-loss.

10.Compassion Unleashed: Cultivating self-compassion and forgiveness.

11.Navigating Anger, Guilt, and Regret: Understanding grief's emotional dance.

12.Rediscovering Joy: Seeking activities that rekindle joy and purpose.

13.Navigating the Calendar: Handling significant dates and milestones.

14.Sacred Spaces: The emotional significance of a lost loved one’s spaces and belongings.

15.Embracing Change: Redefining normalcy after loss.

16.Navigating Grief's Isolation and Relationship Changes: Managing solitude and evolving relationships.

17.The Weight of Expectations: Dealing with societal and self-imposed pressures.

18.The Fear of Forgetting: Preserving memories and legacy.

19.Faith and Spirituality: The spiritual journey through grief.

20.The Lingering Questions: Finding peace and acceptance.

21.Transformative Energies of Grief: Uncovering grief's potential for growth.

22.The Beacon of Hope: Moving forward with hope and resilience.

Bring hope and healing into your life or the life of someone you love. Order "Tapestry of Loss" today and start the journey toward healing and hope.

Peek Inside

Chapter 19: Faith and Spirituality: Navigating the Spiritual Landscape​​

"Who I was versus who I am now—two distinct entities separated by the profound gulf of loss. The lens through which I view the world has shifted, and every moment is inevitably categorized as either before or after Trevor passed away."

Chapter 3: A Stranger in My Own Life: The disorienting journey of grief and the reconstruction of identity.

"The most profound transformation occurred in how I perceived the world around me. The once-comforting sight of my family sleeping peacefully evoked a sense of dread. Each still form now resembled a lifeless body, compelling me to check for signs of life - a gentle breath or a subtle movement."

Chapter 9: Navigating Social Currents: Strategies for handling social dynamics post-loss.

"It was the first birthday party invitation since Trevor's passing. The card adorned with cheerful balloons and bright colors felt like a relic from a world that no longer existed for me. Holding the glossy paper between my fingers, I was acutely aware of the enormity of stepping back into a social setting brimming with small talk and laughter – especially one celebrating a child's growth, a poignant reminder of what we had lost."

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